myLevels App & Food Report


The myLevels app and food report are where the real magic happens! In the app you'll get a score for each food and see which are best for you in each category. In the report you see how you compare to others and get personalised suggestions of how to modify what you eat to keep you sugar levels more stable.

Compare your favourite foods

The food dashboard shows you how your breakfast, lunches and dinners stand against each other.

"What's my best breakfast?"

"What beer should I choose?"

"What's the best thing in Pret for me?"

You can try our recommended experiments or make up your own.

See your sugar levels

While you're wearing a sensor, you can see your sugar levels in real-time and look back over time to see your changes over time.

Do "will it spike?" experiments and share the graph with your friends.

There's also a community page in the app - where you can stay in touch with other myLevels members and compare notes, recipes and experiment ideas.

screen showing ordered food lists

Personalised Food

We'll send you a personalised food report at the end of your two weeks wearing the sensor. It gives you interesting insights on what foods you should be eating more or less of.

It also shows you how your responses compare to the rest of myLevels users and gives you personalised suggestions on how to make (maybe un-intuitive) improvements.