How It Works


As a myLevels member, we will send you a glucose sensor and give you access to the myLevels app. You then just need to scan your sensor and log your foods for 2 weeks. You'll get immediate feedback and food scores based on your sugar levels response, as well as a food report at the end.

Glucose Sensor

The glucose sensor - also known as a CGM (for Continuous Glucose Monitor) stays on your arm non-stop for two weeks until it runs out.

It measures continuously so you can see your sugar levels any time you want.

Sugar Levels

You'll see real-time sugar levels in the myLevels app. You can look back day by day over your sugar levels and the foods you ate.

All your foods are plotted on the graph so you can see what the problem foods are and then zoom in into them.

screen showing ordered food lists

myLevels Food Scores

Each food gets a score of how much is spikes your sugar levels.

The myLevels AI takes into account external factors, such as exercise and other foods, to give the most accurate and interpretable score possible.

Foods are then ranked from best & worst in each category so you can easily compare them.

Daily Emails

For the two weeks using myLevels we'll send you an email each morning with food ideas and tips for how to get the most out of myLevels.

We'll also give you a daily food to test so you can then see how you compare to other myLevels users.

Personalised Food

We'll send you a personalised food report after two weeks of using myLevels.

It shows your best & worst food types, how you compare to others and personalised tips on how to keep more balance in your sugar levels.