How It Works


myLevels allows you to shine a light on traditional nutrition advice and immediately see for yourself what really works for you.

Glucose Sensor

The glucose sensor - also known as a CGM (for Continuous Glucose Monitor) stays on your arm non-stop for two weeks until it runs out.

It's the sort of sensor that is usually worn by diabetics and is made by FreeStyle Libre. It measures continuously so you can see your sugar levels any time you want.

Sugar Levels

While wearing your sensor, you can see your sugar levels in real-time.

You can then look back day by day over your sugar levels and the foods you ate to help you understand how foods are really impacting you.

This can also help you see how sleep and exercise impact your sugar levels.

screen showing ordered food lists

Food Dashboard

Each food gets a score of how much is spikes your sugar levels. The food dashboard shows you how your meals stand against each other - ranking them from best to worst.

You can also see rankings for other categories you care about. Like best  to worst: beer, chocolate, salads etc.

Then you'll always have ideas of foods that won't spike your sugar for every situation.

myLevels Community

We host monthly myLevels members events in London where you can chat about discoveries and find out what other myLevels members have found out on their journey.

We also have a community channel within the app for active members and monthly update emails for the more general community.

Personalised Food

We'll send you a personalised food report at the end of your two weeks.

It shows your best & worst food types, how you compare to others and personalised tips on how to keep more balance in your sugar levels.

These tips will be a few easy changes that have a big impact on your life.