Nigel, Entrepreneur, London


I lost 8kg with myLevels on the first try. myLevels helped me connect what I ate to how I felt hours later. That insight let me avoid the cravings that really tested my willpower in the past. It's not just the extra control I have over my weight, I feel better and sleep better too.

Lucie, Community Manager, Edinburgh


Originally I was a bit sceptical about the claims that myLevels made as dieting has never been successful for me in the past, however, myLevels has really surprised me and changed the way I think about food. I am eating things that I never would have dreamt I would be able to eat, while being healthy at the same time! What has been one of the biggest surprises is that I am never hungry and I hardly think about food!

There are foods that I have been genuinely surprised at my responses to. The most shocking for me was a pret-a-manger halloumi and falafel wrap. It gave me the highest sugar responses out of everything I ate while wearing the sensor, including chocolate, pizza, chips, alcohol and burgers! Since starting myLevels a month ago, I have lost almost a stone, and I am learning more about my responses to food and my body all the time. Forget everything that you thought you knew about food, and start again with myLevels!

Tom, Scientist, London


I loved being able to relate what I had been feeling in my body to my sugar levels. Somethings I was aware of before - the sugar buzz after eating a load of processed sugar - but a lot of it was new to me. I learned that the tired feeling I get sometimes when drinking beer comes from low sugar. I learned that my sugar levels are variable during the day, far more than I thought, and that they generally spike to levels that I am not particularly pleased with.

The suggestion to try the same breakfast but remove the granola was great fun. This came as a surprise to me, I am a published scientist who has designed and run experiments and this simple step had not occurred to me.

I feel with myLevels that I genuinely got to understand my body better and am more connected to it and more responsive to changes in my mood that I can now trace to sugar. I would certainly say that my relationship to food has shifted in a very positive, organic manner. The difference is that I feel more able to understand my body so I am making better decisions and making them effortlessly, rather than changing my outlook on life and enforcing an external shift. Thanks again, it was money well spent and I would recommend it to everyone.

Hana, Entrepreneur, London


I signed up to myLevels and it was so interesting to see how a stressful breakup can give you higher morning glucose levels. I was also amazed to discover that gin lowers your glucose levels! (buckfast does not)