Discover your unique sugar level responses to food

Wear a 10-day glucose monitor, log your food in the myLevels app and we'll show you your unique best diet for your body.

Why Sugar Levels?

The sugar rollercoaster

When your blood sugar spikes, your body releases insulin to move the excess sugar into your cells.

This often leads to a "sugar crash", making you feel tired, irritable, and hungry again, setting up a frustrating cycle.

When you balance your sugar levels, you'll see benefits...

Short term: Less cravings and hunger, Higher energy levels, Better mood & less irritability, Improved Focus

Medium term: Be at a healthy weight without dieting, Lower inflamation and reduced acne and skin problems

Long term: Less Insulin Resistance, Reduced Risk of Type 2 Diabetes, Heart Disease and Stroke.

There's no one-size-fits-all diet for sugar levels

People respond very differently to food. For example, some people spike with fruit but not bread, and others are the opposite!

This explains how there can be so much contradictory nutrition advice, articles and gurus out there. Luckily now, for the first time ever, you can get to the bottom of it and see for yourself what is right for you.

Hear from the myLevels community

"My experience was absolutely fascinating!"

"I'd recommend myLevels to anyone struggling with their energy levels or wanting to lose some weight without going on an overly restrictive diet. The app was easy to use and food logging was quicker and less faff than apps like My Fitness Pal.

The information you get empowers you to choose food that is good for you that you also enjoy! I was shocked to learn that rice really affects me, but relieved that the odd Prosecco can stay!"

- Rachel, UK

"With a few changes to my normal diet...

.. I now have more energy overall and less slumps in during the afternoon and evening. My mood has improved, I feel less hungry and I am gradually but steadily losing weight. 

The app itself is well designed, intuitive and informative. The differentiator for me is receiving data that is specific to me and to how my body responds and being able to act on it in an informed and practical way."

- Helen, UK 

"Immensely valuable to anyone!"

"It’s confusing online, there’s such conflicting advice about what to eat to keep stable sugar levels. Some places I’m learning you should eat lots of root vegetables and avoid cheese, but then other places will say the opposite. 

But this is great because I can see the actual impact - and it feels a lot more proven and scientific than all the conflicting advice I’m receiving.”

- Anne, UK

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