Find out which foods are making you hangry

Personalised advice based on your body's real-time responses to food. We're currently running paid private betas, join the waitlist for these now.

What is myLevels?

myLevels makes it possible to see how you uniquely respond to food, in real time. We give you a glucose sensor so you can see your sugar levels and understand your unique profile of responses. We then give you personalised recommendations to evolve what you eat to keep your sugar levels balanced. Our motto is to do things the Pareto (80/20) way - so finding the small (20%) changes that have a big (80%) impact - this might mean things like switching lager for IPA, granola for porridge or grapes for strawberries.
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Why sugar levels?

Sugar levels can explain all sorts from weight gain to your after lunch fuzziness, your cravings and your hanger. Responses are very individual. Keeping them balanced has huge benefits and is easier than you think.

Completely personalised: Everybody responds differently to different foods. For example, someone might get huge spikes from bananas but not potatoes and another person exactly opposite.

Huge Benefits: When you balance your sugar levels, you experience consistently higher energy levels, easy weight loss and better sleep. Also without sugar crashes, you have increased focus, less cravings and a better mood.

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How it works

We're currently running private betas for Android users and taking a few iOS users for an early alpha. You can join the waitlist for these now. The price is £99 for Android and £199 for iPhone to cover the extra hardware required.

Wear a continuous glucose monitor for 2 weeks and log your foods in the myLevels app. Experiment with different foods and see the impact they're having on your sugar levels, in real time. Share results in the myLevels community.

We analyse your responses so at the end of the two weeks we'll send you a personalised report full of insights about your personal best and worst foods, how you compare to others and suggestions of unexpected edits you could make to keep your sugar levels more stable.

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