How it Works

Combining your sugar levels with what you eat - myLevels helps you understand the unique impact that food & drink have on your body. Empowering you with the knowledge to balance your sugar levels and discover the unique best diet for you.

Why balance your sugar levels?

There are many benefits of balancing your sugar levels including:

  • Higher, and more consistent, energy levels
  • Reduced sugar cravings
  • Increased focus
  • Losing weight more easily
  • More balanced mood
  • Also: better skin, slower ageing, better long term health and more ...

Step 1

Continuous Glucose Monitor

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Step 2

Download the myLevels app

myLevels app, sugar levels page

Step 3

Discover your unique best diet!

myLevels app, personalised diet page

1. Get yourself a Continuous Glucose Monitor

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myLevels connects with Apple Health to read your sugar levels, so you’ll need a compatible sensor.

We’d recommend the Dexcom G7 sensor as they are the most advanced and accessible option on the market.

2. Download the myLevels app

You can download myLevels here in the UK App Store - we're currently offering a lifetime membership offer so you only need to pay once for myLevels (no subscriptions fee!) & you’ll have full access to the myLevels app & community and can use new sensors whenever suits you.

We’ll be looking to expand to other countries soon so please join our email list at the bottom of the page to be notified.

myLevels app, sugar levels page

3. Discover your unique best diet!

myLevels app, personalised diet page

Just log your food in the myLevels app and you’ll get personalised food scores based on how your body actually responds.

These results create a personalised diet to help you avoid glucose spikes and sugar crashes.

What our customers are saying

photo of Lulu

"I am eating things that I never would have dreamt I would be able to eat, while being healthy at the same time!"


photo of Tom

"Laura and her team are really onto something with this. I can see everyone having a myLevels in the not so distant future."


photo of Nigel

"I lost 8kg with myLevels on the first try. myLevels helped me connect what I ate to how I felt hours later."


photo of Hana

It was interesting to see how a stress can give you higher morning glucose levels.


man scanning myLevels sensor

Become an Early Adopter

myLevels is now available in the UK App Store

Note: You will need a CGM that connects with Apple Health in order to use the myLevels app. We recommend the Dexcom G7.


Outside the UK? Or on Android?

We're planning to roll out to other countries and Android soon, so If you'd like to stay updated on when myLevels is available for you, please sign up for updates here.