How it Works

The glucose sensor is applied to your arm for 10 days. It’s so small and light you will hardly even notice it.

The sensor measures you sugar levels in real time so we can analyze your unique responses to food and drink. 

Uncover the truth

We analyze your (my)levels 😊 alongside food and drink nutritional data to understand your unique body responses.

We then use AI and machine learning to predict your responses to similar food types, to help you avoid nasty spikes and hunger inducing crashes.

Step 1

Apply sensor

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Step 2

Log Food

myLevels app, sugar levels page

Step 3

Get personalised diet

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Apply Sensor

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The sensor is applied to the back of the upper arm with an applicator. The reading is picked up by a thin fibre inserted just under the skin.

myLevels users have reported the application being akin to plucking a single stubborn hair from your arm.

Log Food

You eat as normal - logging all your meals in the app - while we send you one food experiment each day to help us get a more accurate view of your unique responses.

We’ll also send you some sugar hacks to help you reduce your spikes and crashes.

myLevels app, sugar levels page

Personalised Diet

myLevels app, personalised diet page

We'll show you which foods to avoid and which to eat more of, all the while helping you to avoid triggering the dreaded hunger hormone 👾

What our customers are saying

photo of Lulu

"I am eating things that I never would have dreamt I would be able to eat, while being healthy at the same time!"


photo of Tom

"Laura and her team are really onto something with this. I can see everyone having a myLevels in the not so distant future."


photo of Nigel

"I lost 8kg with myLevels on the first try. myLevels helped me connect what I ate to how I felt hours later."


photo of Hana

It was interesting to see how a stress can give you higher morning glucose levels.


man scanning myLevels sensor

Join the Early Adopter Program

myLevels are looking for a select group of people to be part of the pre-launch Early Adopter Program.