Setup Instructions

Here are the instructions to get you set up with myLevels - just let us know if you have any questions along the way at

Step 1: Download the LibreLink app here on Apple, or here on Android. This app links to the sensor.

Step 2: Make an account on LibreLink (and remember the email address you use for it). During setup just go for whatever options you like, these options do not affect the myLevels app. 

Step 3: Put on the sensor! You can follow the instructions in the box or in the LibreLink app. You might want someone to help, but you can also just do it yourself. 

Step 4: Scan your sensor in the LibreLink app. The sensor will then take 60 minutes to warm up. This is the app you'll use to scan the sensor regularly to get data (you'll need to scan at least every 8 hours).

Step 4: Set up a connection to myLevels in the LibreLink app by following:

a. Go to Menu

b. scroll down to the bottom and click Connected Apps 

c. click on LibreView 

d. "Connect to a Practice" 

e. The Practice ID is myLevels

Step 6 (iPhone only): Download TestFlight if you don't already have it - this is a beta testing platform that you can get the myLevels app from

Step 7: Download the myLevels app for iPhone through TestFlight (check your email for a link if it's not there) or for Android here. If there's any issues downloading the app it may because we don't have the correct email address for you, so please just email us at with your PlayStore or AppStore email address and we'll give you access. 

From here you can create an account on myLevels and the rest will be guided from there. Also, if you've not already joined we have a private Facebook Group for this cohort where you can share experiences and ask questions.