Setup Instructions

Here are the instructions to get you set up with myLevels - just let us know if you have any questions along the way at

Step 1: Download the Dexcom G7 app + set up your sensor*: Follow the instructions in the Dexcom app to put on your sensor and get it connected to the Dexcom app. You can put it on yourself or have a friend help you. The sensor will then start calibrating - this takes just 30 minutes.

Step 2: Connect your sugar levels with Apple Health: In the Dexcom app, go to Connections & click Apple Health. There will be a 3 hour delay for the sugar levels to go into Apple Health.

Step 3: Download TestFlight - this is a beta testing platform where you'll find the myLevels app. It allows you to send feedback on the app directly to us. You just take a screenshot, go to the "share" icon and then click "Share Beta Feedback".

Step 4: Download the myLevels app: through TestFlight (or check your email for a link if it's not there). If there's any issues downloading the app it may because we don't have the correct email address for you, so please just email us at with your AppStore email address and we'll give you access. 

From here you can create an account on myLevels and the rest will be guided from there. Data coming into myLevels will always be 3 hours delayed, but you can see your real-time sugar levels in the Dexcom app.

Join the myLevels Early Adopters Facebook Group: If you've not already joined we have a private Facebook Group for this cohort where you can share experiences and ask questions.  

*Some tips from using the sensors ourselves:

  1. You need to be careful not to knock your sensor since if the sensor comes off there’s no way to put it back on. We’ve had most success putting the sensor on the back of the arm (right round the back so it doesn’t get knocked on doorframes or when you’re taking off bags & clothes). It's also definitely worth using the sensor cover that comes in the box.
  2. To keep a good connection, stay near your phone & keep the bluetooth on. It only stores about 3hours of data so make sure your bluetooth is on overnight especially.
  3. You are recommended not to shower / swim for 6 hours after putting the sensor on - though it's totally fine after that.